Straight Bevel Gear Cutters

With straight bevel generators we can make bevel gears from around 1/2″ in breadth to 20″ in width, and from 24 diametral pitch to 3 diametral pitch. With mechanized testing hardware we’re ready to coordinate tooth contact designs in view of stacked or emptied conditions, check genuine backfire and mounting separations that are so basic, and commotion levels similarly as they will be keep running inside their gear boxes. We can coordinate parts to each other, the working mating parts, or to ace gears. Steelmans can deliver Spiral Bevel gears in different sizes and pitches with cut just tooth structures or cut and ground tooth shapes for higher precision and higher quality levels.

Segmented Type Straight Bevel Gear Cutter

(For Mass Production of Bevel Gears)

  1. Roughing, finishing & sompleting type suitable for 16″,21″ & 25″ Diameter cutter bodies2. Deburring Tools Material : H.S.S AISI – M2



  1. A pair of Straight bevel gear shaping generation cutter blades in type I to IV suitable for all types of machines, are supplied in module range 0.3 to 20 mm.
  2. Material : H.S.S AISI – M2 , M35

Konvoid Blades


  1. ZFTK 250 X 5 Set OF 44 Blades
  2. ZFTK 500 X 10 Set of 56 Blades
  3. Russian Konovoid Blades Set of 36 Blades
  4. Klingelnberg Blades
  5. Set of 72 Blades
  6. Material : H.S.S AISI – M2, M35

Coniflex Blades (24 LH + 24 RH)


  1. Inserted Type Blades Suitable for cutting large Straight Gear.
  2. Material : H.S.S AISI – M2