Surface Connecting Rods & Caps Broaches

‘STEELMANS’ is one of the largest Half Round & Surface Broach Set manufacturers for the Connecting Rods in the World. In 1984, Steelmans set in motion a new era of technological excellence and expertise in the manufacturing of half round and surface broach sets for connecting rod and caps, for the auto industry.

A total set of 22 nos. of broaches are provided as left and right joint face rougher, left and right side lock rougher, left and right side lock finisher, joint face finisher, half bore rougher and finisher, and side face finishers.

We also offer to replace only those broach inserts which have worn undersize or been damaged. We can also down size the fully consumed broaches by providing the necessary shims, thereby recycling the existing under size broach, and hence reducing both the cost and delivery time.

Serration Surface Broaches are also made as per special design to suit and match the Serration on Connecting Rods and Caps.

Re-sharpening services are also available.

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