Company Profile

Steelmans is the 3rd largest Special Broach Manufacturing Company in India. Setting the Standard for high precision special broaches, Steelmans Became, and still is, the leader and the largest manufacturer of special round and surface broach sets for Connecting Rods. We have the best manufacturing facilities and inspection equipments to manufacturer special Push and Pull style, Spline, Keyway, Internal Hole, Surface and any specialized or Profile Broaches to exactly match your blue prints or match your sample component. Steelmans precision broaches are manufactured from the finest quality High Speed Steel.


"When Steelmans was founded, we immediately established our philosophy of service, commitment to excellence and unequalled product quality.

standard broaches manufacturers

Our growth over the past more than thirty one years is due to our dedication, ability to respond to our customers specific needs, and supplying superior quality Standard and Special Broaches at very competitive prices.

With our expertise in manufacturing Standard and Special Broaches, we are able to serve our customers as a one stop source for all of their broaching needs.

On behalf of all the staff at Steelmans, I would like to thank you, our customers, for helping us grow. Our commitment to high standards and professional service will continue."

Jasbir S. Dhindsa,
(Steelmans Broaches)